Therapeutic Massage

Each session is customized by your highly trained therapist to achieve maximum results so you can live better, move better and feel great!


Feel great. Live better!

Whether you are an athlete or sit in front of a computer, or suffer with neck/back pain, etc. your licensed therapist will loosen your muscles and connective tissue... READ MORE

… easing pressure on nerves, greatly reducing pain and discomfort, increasing circulation, boosting your immune system and easing stress.  Ultimately, SK Massage Therapy will allow you to live your life to the fullest!

We’re picky so you don’t have to be!

We have a very high standard when it comes to your therapist. Not only do they typically have more training then is required for licensing, but are also tried and tested by our top therapists/owner (also a therapist).  

At each session your therapist will discuss your individual needs, then use all of their training/experience to be as effective as possible. Including Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Myofacial Release, Shiatsu, Pressure Point Therapy or Pregnancy Massage.

No matter what your tolerance for pressure is, riding the pleasure/pain border, where it “hurts but still feels good” is the key to helping you walk out feeling your best!